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As a business owner, engaging in conversations with your insurance agent might not top your list of exciting activities. The anticipation of a sales pitch and discussions about coverage can make these interactions seem mundane. However, an article from the insurance industry publication Property and Casualty 360 suggests that an annual discussion with your agency is more than just routine—it’s an essential aspect of effective risk management for business owners.

Prioritizing Risk Reduction and Operational Continuity

At the end of each year, having a dialogue with your insurance agency becomes a strategic move to ensure that risk reduction and operational continuity are at the forefront of your business strategy. The conversation revolves around three key elements that insurance agents should emphasize when engaging with business owners.

1. Timely Claims Reporting: Swift Action for Optimal Results

One crucial aspect highlighted is the importance of timely claims reporting. The average commercial claim is reported 20 days after the event, adding 15 percent to the life cycle of the claim. Business owners are encouraged to report claims to their agency promptly. This proactive approach not only aids in efficient claim processing but also minimizes costs, maximizes payouts, and potentially contributes to preventing significant increases in future premiums.

2. Disruption Prevention: A Focus on Continuity Planning

Disruptions in business operations are often preventable with proper planning. The article underscores the significance of continuity planning. This involves having contingency plans in place, such as maintaining an extra set of laptop computers that can be deployed in case of business interruptions due to events like fires or damages. Furthermore, implementing robust technical and cyber liability prevention measures is highlighted as a means to reduce costs and decrease recovery time.

3. Fleet Safety: Implementing Formal Programs

For businesses with corporate or commercial vehicles, developing a formal fleet safety program is deemed critical. Insurance agents can guide business owners on the implementation of key control measures and driver record checks to enhance safety. The goal is to proactively address potential risks in fleet operations, leading to a reduction in commercial auto claims that could impact other lines of coverage.

Understanding Business Owners’ Needs

The article sheds light on the priorities and concerns of business owners in their interactions with insurance agents. Notably, a substantial 85 percent of business owners who file claims express satisfaction with their experience. While this majority is significant, the remaining 15 percent, even though a minority, can contribute to negative perceptions, especially when dealing with the aftermath of a claim.

Key needs for business owners, as identified in the article, include quick claims handling, industry expertise, and accessible communication via phone. The emphasis on risk management practices becomes crucial, with more than a quarter of business owners expressing concerns about injuries to employees, cyber attacks, pandemics, and natural disasters.

Cyber Liability: Recognizing the Significance

Amidst the array of potential risks, cyber attacks emerge as a significant concern. The article recommends that business owners understand the coverage details of cyber liability insurance, emphasizing the importance of knowing what is covered and what is not. Agents are positioned as valuable resources in guiding businesses through potential disruptions.

Commercial Lines Insurance: More Than Premiums

The annual discussion with your insurance agent serves as a reminder that commercial lines insurance goes beyond the premiums paid. It is a comprehensive strategy for protecting your business, ensuring its survival in the event of a claim, and setting the stage for future success. As business owners navigate the complexities of risk management, these discussions become invaluable in crafting a resilient and secure business operation. Remember, it’s not just about what you pay; it’s about the protection you receive to thrive another day.

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