Cyberattacks Will Be ‘Uninsurable’

As a business owner, will you even be able to obtain cyber liability insurance in the coming years? A very troubling quote from the CEO of Zurich Insurance says that cyberattacks will be ‘uninsurable’ meaning there won’t be any amount of insurance you can get to cover this type of event. Most commercial liability policies have exclusions for war and other significant world events, but they may also start to consider cyber attacks as uninsurable on the same scale.

Now, the good news is that they’re talking about large-scale cyberattacks, not necessarily an attack on a small business. However, it does paint the picture that the scope and scale of cyber attacks may not be qualifiable by insurance companies. Resulting in less coverage or no coverage at all for this type of event. We’ll see what 2023 brings for the cyber liability insurance market and large-scale cyber events. If you’re looking to get coverage, now is the time to get serious.

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