Is Cyber Insurance Out Of Control?

The Looming Threat: Understanding Cyber Risk

In the contemporary landscape of business, the specter of cyber risk has emerged as a formidable and, at times, underestimated challenge. Despite its pervasive nature, many companies tend to shy away from confronting this threat head-on, adopting an “ostrich-style” approach by metaphorically burying their heads in the sand. However, the reality is stark – cyber risks are not only more probable but also potentially more severe than other conventional risks such as product liability, fire, or premises liability.

The Unsettling Reality: Losing Grip on Cyber Risk

A noteworthy article from the Financial Times highlights a concerning trend – the corporate world is seemingly losing its grip on cyber risk. The subheading further amplifies the gravity of the situation, suggesting that reasonably priced cyber insurance, which also enhances resilience, appears to be increasingly elusive. The implications of this assertion are significant, indicating that obtaining adequate and affordable cyber liability insurance coverage is becoming a challenging endeavor for businesses.

Mid and Small Size Companies: A Call to Action

For mid and small-size companies, the urgency to delve into the realm of cyber insurance cannot be overstated. It’s crucial to investigate the current rates and availability of cyber insurance policies. The Financial Times article hints at the difficulty of securing coverage that is both reasonable in price and comprehensive in risk coverage. For companies falling into this category, the advice is clear – explore your options, and if you find a policy that aligns with your needs, securing it sooner rather than later is prudent.

The Power of Proactivity: Risk Mitigation and Policy Lock-in

In the realm of cyber insurance, proactivity is key. Once a policy is in place, the insurer gains insights into the company’s risk profile. This visibility can play a crucial role in retaining the policy during renewals. However, waiting until the last minute or until a cyber incident occurs can significantly limit your options. Locking in a policy early establishes a track record of risk management, potentially making it easier to navigate the renewal process in subsequent years.

The Importance of Rejection: Learning from Underwriters

In the pursuit of cyber insurance, rejection may not necessarily be a dead end. If an underwriter deems your company too risky for coverage, they are obligated to provide reasons. These reasons become invaluable insights, offering a roadmap to identify and mitigate potential risks within your company. Addressing these concerns can not only enhance your cybersecurity posture but may also increase your chances of securing coverage in the future.

Safeguarding the Company’s Future

In the face of escalating cyber threats, the corporate world must grapple with the evolving landscape of cyber risk. Losing grip on this critical aspect of business operations can lead to dire consequences, from financial losses to operational disruptions. Securing reasonably priced cyber insurance is not just a financial safeguard; it’s a strategic move to bolster resilience and ensure the company’s continued existence in an era dominated by digital vulnerabilities.

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