Is Gun Insurance Required For A Pistol Permit?

Some states are now requiring firearm liability insurance for gun owners, similar to auto insurance and other types of liability insurance. In some states, it’s decided at the city or county level, whereas others have a statewide mandate that to get a firearm permit, you have to have insurance. Whether or not this holds up in court remains to be seen, some of these laws are starting to go into effect as we continue into the beginning of the year.

So check with your county or state to learn if your area will require firearm insurance; even if it’s not required, it’s a good idea to get coverage just in case. Many homeowners’ policies have exclusions for events that have to do with firearms. Liability policies are extensions to coverage and are a separate segment of the insurance market. Usually, it’s not part of a standard homeowner’s policy, auto policy, or business policy; liability insurance is either an endorsement of an existing policy or a separate policy altogether. 

So check with your broker or authorized insurance agent to learn more about what coverages are available and required in your area, and whether you can add it to your existing insurance policies or buy a new policy. 

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