Is Your Business Prepared for the Alarming Rise in Cyber Attacks?

There exists a substantial volume of hacks and attacks on businesses, surpassing common perception. This extends to a degree where the Federal Trade Commission comes into play. Upon examining their tagline, one can observe that it is dedicated to safeguarding America’s consumers; the focus is on consumer protection, not business defense. However, the underlying message is intriguing. The commission underscores the significance of cyber insurance as more than a mere option – it is an imperative. This insurance offers a shield against losses stemming from cyber attacks.

When contemplating insurance matters, it is advisable to engage in a discussion with your agent to determine the most suitable course of action. The process also reveals the range of coverage alternatives. The primary rationale behind the Federal Trade Commission’s engagement in this discourse, centered around consumer protection, stems from the escalating instances of consumer harm inflicted by such hacks. These breaches infiltrate various domains, be it your preferred car dealership, insurance provider, or even the local dry-cleaner. The aftermath involves compromised personal data, including credit card information, and the looming threat of identity theft. This situation has become so dire that certain states, like California, are in the process of enacting laws. These proposed legislations would mandate that contractors conducting business with the state maintain cyber insurance coverage.

This trajectory has led to the establishment of cyber insurance requirements in various institutions. For instance, consider Tufts University’s insurance prerequisites for contracts, which entail a cyber risk insurance policy capped at one million dollars. Similarly, another college in Nebraska imposes a more substantial limit of five million dollars for insurance coverage.

The driving force behind the increasing integration of these clauses in contracts is the acknowledgment of mounting risks. Cyber risks often outweigh other perils, such as fire, which are comparably infrequent. Unlike fire incidents, which occur sporadically, cyber attacks transpire on a daily basis and frequently span extended durations. Hackers adeptly infiltrate businesses, lingering for weeks or even months before striking. Preventive measures exist for a majority of these scenarios. Many insurance providers who extend this coverage also incorporate monitoring systems across your computing infrastructure. Consequently, in the event of a breach, its impact is mitigated.

Remarkably, you need not even enlist the services of an IT specialist to implement these safeguards.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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