Why Is Cyber Liability Insurance Necessary?

Cyber liability insurance is a type of cyber insurance coverage that helps protect against the cost of data breaches and other cyber attacks.

All businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks. If your business is hacked, you could lose customer information, credit card numbers, and more. And with serious incidents becoming more common, the costs can add up quickly.

Cyber liability insurance protects your company against those costs. It covers expenses related to:

  • Legal defense costs in the event of a lawsuit brought against your company by an affected customer
  • Costs incurred by customers who lost money or had their identity stolen as a result of your company’s failure to protect their data (such as credit monitoring services)
  • Any fines or penalties imposed by regulators as a result of noncompliance with industry standards or regulatory requirements
  • Cyber liability insurance can help restore your reputation and navigate challenging public relations situations

As you may already know, a dedicated cyber liability policy is critical for any business that depends on digital information of any kind. Whether your business involves financial operations, proprietary assets, or customer records, having the proper cyber insurance in place can help you weather the storm if you are ever attacked by hackers or targeted by online criminals.

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